With a drastic increase in natural and manmade disasters and fragmented civil protection efforts, there was need for a one stop global Civil Protection Marketplace. Payall recognized this need and decided to power a Global Civil Defense Marketplace.

Artymys S.A. and Payall have signed an agreement, where Payall will develop and launch a specialty Civil Protection Marketplace for professionals and organizations dedicated to saving and protecting lives threatened by disease outbreak, natural and man-made disasters.

Civil Protection is a global billion-dollar market, impacting citizens, governments and companies all across the world. Still, with unaddressed underlying issues, ranging from desperate demand paired with an inability to easily and safely identify certified, high quality suppliers, lack of trading capabilities and transparency all the way to limited inter-country cooperation – it all paints an industry in pain.

Artymys's main goal will be to match those looking for Civil Protection Products and Services with those who sell them. This is a cumbersome service that has been done manually, wasting thousands of human hours, not scalable, nor ideal. This is especially true amid the current crisis, when countries are in desperate need of a method to quickly identify, connect to and engage with trusted, and verified suppliers and buyers, streamline payments and shipments.

The first ever digital Civil Protection Marketplace will offer unique, desirable features for both sellers and buyers alike:

  • Robust compliance and certification capabilities

  • Ultimate, secure, multi-currency and international cross-country payments

  • 3rd party inspections

  • Cloud based inventory management

  • Logistics & insurance support

  • Bank grade due diligence on buyers and sellers

  • Authentication of product certification

  • Support of Civil Defense specific products & services

  • Commercial bid administration

  • Escrow administration

  • Integrated trade finance

  • Digital marketing platform

  • Supply chain traceability

  • Security payments transactions

  • Global Pay-In & Pay-Out: Wire transfer, Crypto, Cards

Artymys will welcome companies that sell and buy in the civil protection area, as well as non-profits that aid civil defense initiatives, as well as volunteers and other professionals who offer their services to support our global humanitarian community. If you are interested in discovering the marketplace, check it out here.

Payall attributes its selection to the company’s ability to quickly & efficiently integrate industry-specific needs for product certifications, logistics, trade finance, and shifting of product purchases from a seller receipt to dynamic buyer-controlled cloud-based inventory management. The MVP is scheduled to launch Q1 2021, gradually expanding capabilities to an existing pipeline of over 80 suppliers and buyers.

The goal is to have the platform grant access only to reliable players, all of which will have payment accounts on the system. Accounts that are going to be paired with secure payment capabilities with instant cross-border transactions and capabilities around card acceptance, and crypto, offering buyer protection, and multiple value-added services. Besides that, the company will set to combat some of the global challenges that plague this industry segment, the likes of fragmented supply chains, lack of real-time transparency, lack of quality control, risk of high trading volume, lack of trading capability, and a high risk of bad players involvement.