Leading regulatory expert and compliance attorney will bring extensive, real-world experience to Payall’s vision to make cross-border payments safer than domestic payments.

Miami, FL - First-ever cross-border processor Payall Payment Systems is expanding its executive team by adding Julia Marina as its Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel. Payall provides financial institutions with a turn-key, white-label platform that enables their clients to move money globally, securely, and at the speed of data in ways that delight both the financially savvy and the unbanked.

With her extensive experience in financial institution compliance, risk, privacy, and security, Julia is excited to join Payall in its transformational mission to make cross-border payments safer than domestic transactions. “I’m looking forward to working closely with an amazing team of professionals who are passionate about modernizing the global banking system. Payall’s proprietary capabilities address complex, ever-changing regulatory needs and deliver break-through risk and compliance tools that prevent illicit cross-border payments and increase transparency,” she noted.

Gary Palmer, founder and CEO of Payall said, “Having Julia on our leadership team is an exciting and valuable addition. Her wide-ranging, hands-on experience in compliance as well as leading audits and risk assessments at U.S., E.U., and Latin American financial institutions make her a perfect fit.”

Payall provides financial institutions worldwide with proprietary technology and specialized services that not only reduce the risks of unlawful cross-border payments but also enable bank customers to pay anyone, anywhere efficiently and instantly. Recipients have unprecedented options for receiving and using their money, such as having cross-border payments sent to their mobile wallets.

“As the first-ever cross-border processor for banks, we’ve pioneered a new type of banktech company and are charting a new path for the industry. I’m thrilled to have Julia’s eye on everything related to compliance and risk management,” Palmer added.

Payall’s global, single shared platform includes specialized account-processing elements that provide new rails for cross-border payments. Additionally, Payall has developed state-of-the-art software and business processes to collect new, data-rich artifacts that overcome the high risk of cross-border payments. Payall’s platform offers unprecedented transparency to protect financial institutions and payment networks on both sides of the transaction.

“The platform provides complete transparency and automates the compliance process for financial institutions globally,” Julia observed.

Palmer explained, “With Payall's software and new paradigm for cross-border payments, we’re removing extensive costs, time, and error-prone manual tasks through automation. We’re also mitigating substantial risk in one of the most challenging areas of global banking. Julia’s deep expertise will further bolster our highly effective, dynamic compliance services as we protect banks, other financial institutions, and their customers for a safer future.”