About Us

Payall Life

Payall employees come from every region of the world, forming a multicultural workforce that benefits from our different experiences and delights in our common cause to transform cross-border payments to promote financial inclusion and equity for all.

Each of us pledges to contribute to a positive workforce environment, where all team members are valued and treated with dignity and respect, and our creativity and self-initiative are encouraged and appreciated.  

As an organization, we prioritize flexibility, employee well-being and diversity, equity and inclusion.  

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These are the mission, vision and values we share as individuals and as a company.

Mission and Vision

  • Mission To be the go-to technology and service provider trusted by financial institutions, payment channels and central banks globally to lead product innovations and enable their cross-border payments and international money transfers.

  • Vision To enable financial institutions, payment channels and central banks to move money globally, safely and efficiently at the speed of data, so their customers can send money or make payments to anyone, anywhere—even if recipients are unbanked.


  • Integrity We do what we say and adhere to our commitments—with honesty, integrity and honorable conduct.

  • Resilience We recognize that setbacks, obstacles and even mistakes are a normal part of business and use them as inspiration to adapt and innovate.

  • Collaboration We build relationships with clients and teammates, aiming for perpetual improvement by seeking interactions that stimulate dialogue, alignment, action plans and goals.

  • Accountability We're accountable for our words, actions and results.

  • Commitment We lead, innovate and drive change with a sense of urgency—viewing all needs and requests from our clients’ perspectives.