About Us

Payall Life

Payall employees represent a multicultural workforce that benefits from our different experienced and perspectives as well as shared determination to overdeliver as we transform cross-border payments and enable financial inclusion.

Each of us pledges to contribute to a positive workforce environment, where all team members are valued and treated with dignity and respect, and our creativity and self-initiative are encouraged and appreciated.  

We prioritize flexibility, employee well-being and embrace diversity, equal opportunity and merit based career development.  

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Our People

“For nearly 30-years I’ve partnered with others to start, grow and exit pioneering software companies that powered new, breakthrough products for banks and other financial institutions. Every day, in every company, people have been the key to success. And there’s a certain set of character dimensions, thought processes and behaviors in employees, and how they treat each other, clients and partners that I believe are essential to survive and thrive.”

- Gary Palmer, President, CEO & Chairman

Mission and Vision

  • Mission To be the go-to technology and service provider trusted by financial institutions, payment channels and central banks globally to lead product innovations and enable their cross-border payments and international money transfers.

  • Vision To enable financial institutions, payment channels and central banks to move money globally, safely and efficiently at the speed of data, so their customers can send money or make payments to anyone, anywhere—even if recipients are unbanked.

Our Shared Values

  • Integrity Be truthful and honorable in dealings with each other, clients and partners.

  • Make Big Differences Through Perpetual Change Innovation and relevance require constant change. We lead and drive perpetual change, faster than others, in order to have a big, positive impact for clients and the world.

  • Grit Face every challenge with thoughtfulness, creativity, pragmatism and a never-fail mentality.

  • Go Fast We operate with a bias for action and sense of urgency while exercising good judgment and delivering quality.

  • Be Accountable and Pay Attention to Every Detail Strive for perfection in everything, and embrace feedback that exposes mistakes, blind spots or ways to improve.

  • Relationships not Transactions At our core we’re about trusting, dependable relationships that create long-term mutual benefit, not short or one-sided transactions.

  • Take Initiative If you see something that’s wrong, broken or can be better – fix it. Never walk by an issue, error or mistake or wait for direction if it’s obvious what needs to be done.

  • Think, Use Common Sense Great policies and procedures are essential for efficiency, consistency and transparency, but when there’s a conflict with “what’s right” use common sense and do the right thing.

  • Overachieve No matter the goal, even those that seem impossible – everyday believe, plan and work to overdeliver.