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Payall was founded in 2018 by fintech and payments industry leader Gary Palmer.

As Gary surveyed the payments landscape, he recognized a notable gap: Cross-border payments remained slow, risky, expensive and non-inclusive. And the resulting friction was harming nearly everyone—from big business to vulnerable individuals around the world.

The Solution

Worsening matters, financial institutions were being driven out of correspondent banking—the backbone of cross-border payments since the 1970s—by the near-impossible challenges and costs of compliance.

So, Gary embarked on a new mission: building infrastructure to make cross-border payments as fast, safe, cost-efficient and inclusive as domestic payments and putting financial institutions back at the center of international money transfers.

The result is Payall, groundbreaking global banking infrastructure that solves the pain points of cross-border payments, introducing game-changing risk and compliance breakthroughs, innovative payment orchestration software and automated processes that remove significant costs and risks associated with 1970’s era cross-border payments.

Payall levels the playing field, creating opportunities for every financial institution, along with Payment Channels and Central Banks, to participate—while protecting the safety and soundness of the global payments system.

Payall covers the world

~130 Countries

Bank Transfers with 40+ in Real Time

90+ Foreign Currencies

Global Liquidity


Coverage of World Population

China & Ukraine


40+ Countries

Mobile Money and eWallets

69 Countries

Cash Pickup

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