Breakthrough Infrastructure Transforms Your Ability to Support Cross-Border Payments

Payall’s special-purpose technology platform offers safe, simple, compliant access to the global banking infrastructure—eliminating the deficiencies and friction that until now have excluded all but the largest financial institutions.

Now, any regulated financial entity anywhere can become a cross-border Originating or Clearing Institution! And, Payment Channels and Central Banks worldwide can participate actively in the ecosystem with financial institutions, using technology built specifically for compliance, risk management and payment orchestration.

Platform Cover

Replace trust with data.

Payall’s global, single-shared platform specifically solves the previously intractable “see-through” or Know Your Customers' Customers/Know Your Transaction problems of classic correspondent banks.

These capabilities extend to the entire ecosystem and transform the compliance, risk management and operational efficiencies of Originating and Clearing Institutions, Payment Channels and Central Banks. All parties affiliated with a transaction have full and transparent access to critical information necessary to systemically execute their own compliance and risk parameters.

Our platform is inspired by the U.S. Fedwire system and TARGET 2 but delivers deeper and wider specialized capabilities, And, it’s faster and more efficient than a blockchain-based approach, incorporating authorization protocols for data collection that don’t exist in the blockchain environment.

Partnering with Payall, financial institutions worldwide—along with global, regional and local Payment Channels and Central Banks—can quickly, securely and seamlessly upgrade their cross-border payments capabilities, enabling compliant, market-specific opportunities that can compete with or drive fintech-caliber solutions.

Our global, single-shared platform enables efficiency, safety and transparency for cross-border payments.

  • Compliance and Risk Automation

  • Fintech-Caliber Disburser Tools

  • Universal Payment Accounts

  • Payment Orchestration

Global Single Shared Platform

Enable local, last-mile Payment Channel options— beyond just bank transfers.

It is time to transform correspondent bank constructs and start to move money at the speed of data.


Move money at the speed of data. 


Transform correspondent bank constructs.


Say goodbye to capital-intensive nostro vostro accounts.


Delight customers with better-than-fintech services.


Jettison high costs and risks of manual work.


Eliminate foreign currency fluctuation risks.


Ramp up revenue. 


Supercharge, replace or complement your existing paradigm.

Payall solves the deficiencies and eliminates the friction of the cross-border payments status quo.

High Risk

High Risk

Payall’s compliance breakthroughs mitigate risk by directly executing identity integrity, sanctions and other checks—delivering unprecedented transparency and control. 

Slow Speed

Slow Speed

By eliminating intermediaries and automating processes, Payall settles international payments in seconds or minutes vs. days, weeks or even longer. 

High Cost

High Cost

Payall smashes the current cross-border cost structure by automating inefficient manual processes and eliminating expensive intermediaries. 

Lack Of Inclusivity

Lack of Inclusivity

Payall makes it possible to pay anyone, anywhere—even the 20% of adults worldwide currently excluded because they lack bank accounts. 

Not Built For Mass Payments

Not Built for Mass Payments

Purpose-built for mass payments, Payall’s process automation and payment orchestration enable even the highest volume financial institutions and payers to operate efficiently and effectively. 

Systemically Executed Compliance, Risk Management and SOPs

Transform and elevate your compliance posture with pre-transaction Know Your Transaction and specialty Know Your Customer and Know Your Customers' Customers.

And welcome edge-computing, adaptable technology that enables you to pivot quickly to address the unpredictability of regulatory changes and futureproof your compliance function—in ways typical compliance and banktech systems can’t even contemplate.

The Payall platform automates the manual regulatory compliance, risk management and standard operating procedures at the “edge” of your core, digital and compliance systems— which were never designed to support the complexities of cross-border payments.

The result? No-tech disruption, efficiency and confidence that you’re operating squarely within the regulated financial services framework. This includes groundbreaking advances that improve your customers’ experiences when boarding, paying and receiving cross-border payments.


Confident Compliance

You’ll be confident in your cross-border payment compliance using our automated compliance and risk tools—with radical new capabilities for Know Your Customer, Know Your Transaction and Know Your Customers' Customers.

Confident Compliance

Simplified Customer Onboarding

Digital boarding purpose-built for cross-border payments means your onboarding rules are executed automatically and documents are stored for instant retrieval. 

Simplified Customer Onboarding

Fast & Easy Integration

A lightweight, turnkey technical interface—external to your core—integrates easily with your digital banking platform and intersects with your compliance engine.

Fast & Easy Integration

Inclusive Last-Mile Payment Rail Options

Choose the last-mile switching and delivery option that's best for you and your customers.

Our payment-rail-agnostic platform—adaptable for different paradigms, including existing SWIFT and correspondent banking constructs—supports whatever last-mile delivery options you want. Vary your product strategy by payment type—B2B, B2P or P2P—or embrace local conditions that require nontraditional funds delivery options.

Through your implementation with Payall, we offer you a simplified way of accessing Mastercard Cross-Border Services.

From the Old World to the New World, our payment orchestration engine embraces global last-mile Payment Channels easily and as you direct. We reach approximately 90% of the world's adult population and won't be satisfied until we can deliver money to anyone, anywhere.

Inclusive Payment Options

Deployment Options for Your Strategy

White-Label Apps

A no-tech, turnkey option to get your financial institution live in almost no time ...

Your customers "pay one" by entering an individual's account details or simply a name with an email address or mobile number. Or, they "pay many" with easy API- or Excel-based bulk uploads.

You use our UX/UI, customized for your financial institution, to disburse payments.

At your option, we handle due diligence, customer boarding and payment initiation.


An efficient option for your business payers to start generating volume—fast ...

Use our APIs to integrate the UX/UI your business customers use—to maximize acceptance by high-volume business payers and minimize their effort to start doing business with you. 

Treasury Pay

Our quickest, easiest option for those with an existing correspondent bank ...

Simply replace your current correspondent banking interface for cross-border payments with ours.

No changes to your existing UX/UI, core system or even APIs.

Just adjust your back-office treasury process to change where funds are moved.

Your Construct, Our Software

For financial institutions that support global correspondent banks, their own FX and prefer their own payment rails ...

White label our solutions to make them your solutions.

Harmonize current correspondent banking operations by configuring and automating compliance/risk rules for every jurisdiction—independent of the number of cores and digital interfaces you support.

A single system can now reflect all global activity for more effective compliance and audit reviews.

Better-than-Fintech Disburser Tools with End-User Apps

Put Payall’s powerful and innovative self-service Disburser Tools with end-user apps to work for your Originating Institution to simplify and modernize the cross-border payment experience for individuals and businesses sending and receiving funds.

You can white label our apps with your branding, so they’re fully your own. And, this no-tech, turnkey option means you can go live in almost no time. 

Your customers will be thrilled with how easy you make it to pay one or pay many, anywhere in the world.

Fintech Apps

Great for you!

Automated Risk Processes and Compliance

End the nightmare of cross-border payment compliance. 

Specialized software and processes automate previous manual, error-prone activities and provide unique Know Your Customer, Know Your Customers' Customers and Know Your Transaction capabilities for complete transparency or “see-through” of senders and recipients and document visibility.

  • Sanctions Checks

  • Customs Declarations 

  • Sources of Funds

  • Reasons for Payment

  • Invoices

  • Prohibited Industry Screens

  • Bills of Lading

  • Types of Payment

  • Proprietary Artifacts


Payment Orchestration

Harmonize historically disconnected and inefficient manual functions with Payall’s reimagined payment orchestration, delivering never-before-available capabilities to consolidate previously separate operations and create new possibilities for recipients:

  • Last-mile optionality. Choose from our numerous Payment Channel integrations—with more coming, based on demand.

  • FX and liquidity. Get super-efficient foreign exchange and global liquidity from our connections to diverse currency traders.

  • Systemic secure funding. Benefit from real-time connectivity, ensuring funding protocols are executed to protect the safety and soundness of the Originating Institution, Clearing Institution and Payment Channel.

  • XB Universal Payment Account. Bring unbanked individuals into financial services with this entry point account that offers functional utility on its own. All payments are processed across a double-entry, core account system—which, based on requirements, may be exposed to disbursers.

Customer Onboarding

Support high-volume cross-border payers with efficient, self-service due diligence that ensures compliance using non-traditional documents and artifacts that are captured digitally—eliminating Excel and PDF checklists. 

Global customers can establish due diligence requirements and compliant boarding methodologies in each jurisdiction in which they operate.  

And, applicants can undergo preliminary assessments to avoid full review of those who fail initial screenings.  


Global, Single-Shared Platform 

Replace trust with data. 

All parties affiliated with a transaction—including Payment Channels and, potentially, regulators—have full and transparent access to critical information necessary to systematically execute their own compliance and risk parameters.

The platform is faster and more efficient than a blockchain-based approach and incorporates authorization protocols for data collection that don’t exist in the blockchain environment.     

Third-Party Connectivity 

Access third-party providers of specialty services through your single interface to Payall. 

Providers may vary by specific needs and jurisdictional requirements, and include entities supporting functions such as identity verifications, government document validation, biometrics, cryptography and more. 


Great for your customers!

Pay One or Pay Many

Your customers can support one-time payments to businesses or individuals, or high-volume payers making mass payments.

  • Single payments may be initiated using the classic method of entering a recipient’s bank details or a secure directory that requires only the recipient’s name along with an email address and mobile number—no additional personal or bank details are needed.

  • Mass payments—to hundreds or even thousands of recipients—are initiated using a business-friendly API or simple Excel upload.

Both are fast and easy for your customers—and their customers.


Inclusive Payout Options

Payall cross-border payments are inclusive, so your customers’ customers can pay anyone, anywhere, anytime. And, your customers/recipients can choose the payment method that best meets recipients’ needs and lifestyles—including those who are banked and vulnerable populations without access to financial services.

  • Bank Accounts 

  • Mobile Money  

  • Digital Accounts

  • Prepaid Debit Cards

  • OTC to Cards  

  • Cash Pickup 

  • White-Label Accounts 

Multiple Payment Funding Options 

Your customers have options to fund their cross-border payments from accounts at your Originating Institution or by moving funds from accounts at other financial institutions. 

For even greater customer convenience, at your option, you can enable alternative funding from sources such as debit/credit cards, remote cash-in sources and other modern sources of funding.


Recipients Paid in Near-Real Time* 

Recipients receive their money immediately—in seconds or minutes—not in days or weeks, like the old-fashioned way.

*Payall processes transactions running across our platform in milliseconds. The actual time for recipients to receive payment may be influenced by the rules and procedures of other intermediaries.

Confirmed Transfers 

Disbursers and recipients can receive delivery confirmation of their cross-border payments, giving them peace of mind and eliminating time-consuming, frustrating and expensive calls to your back office. 


No International Wire Fees 

Most recipients can totally avoid international wire fees, which can consume up to 11% of the value of an international money transfer.