Overcome the High Risk, High Cost and Compliance Challenges of Cross-Border Payments

Whether you’re participating in cross-border payments as an Originating Institution, Clearing Institution or Payment Channel or if you represent a Central Bank, Payall’s global banking infrastructure for cross-border payments uniquely addresses your needs. Our enterprise software, process automation, payment orchestration and disburser tools are purpose-built, so you’re assured of compliant, safe, transparent and efficient cross-border payments. 

Compliance & Risk Automation

Payall Compliance & Risk Automation enables Originating Institutions, Clearing Institutions, Payment Channels and Central Banks to automate data, document and artifact collection and apply risk rules, standard operating procedures and compliance requirements at a transaction level before a cross-border payment is executed.

This means all parties to a transaction can easily collect, retain and share details that establish payment legitimacy and incorporate their rules and requirements into the authorization stream. 

It also gives these entities full visibility into the data, documents and artifacts backing each payment for informed, automated decision making and access to full payment details to breeze through internal audits and regulatory exams.

Whatever your role in cross-border payments, you can individually configure all your requirements into a smooth, one-pass process that's fast, accurate, compliant and harmonized.


Payment Orchestration

Harmonize historically disjointed, inefficient manual functions with Payall's reimagined Payment Orchestration, delivering never-before-available capabilities to consolidate previously separate operations and create new possibilities for recipients to receive and manage their money—far beyond bank accounts.

Payall Payment Orchestration streamlines your costly, fragmented cross-border operation by consolidating and automating your previously manual processes—enabling you to work efficiently, while slashing your in-house costs.

And far from being a cookie cutter solution, Payall is flexible. We support your existing payments infrastructure (and we're backward compatible with all systems). Or, you can participate in all or some corridors, channels and options we offer, so your customers can serve even more recipients.

Payment Orchestration

XB Universal Payment Account

Our XB UPA is a flexible and powerful utility that can fulfill many roles depending on your needs and where you sit in the cross-border payments value chain—offering unprecedented adaptability.

XB UPA applications and use cases vary (and possibilities are limitless): from a designated account for mass, high-volume payers to pre-fund to a “recipient account” to safely hold and manage payees’ money as they choose how to receive their payouts. 

Universal Payment Account

Disburser Tools

Payall’s powerful and innovative self-service Disburser Tools with end-user apps enable Originating Institutions to simplify and modernize the cross-border payment experience for individuals and businesses sending and receiving funds.

Our white-label apps—branded for you—are a low-tech, turnkey option to get your financial institution live in almost no time. Apps can be configured easily and deployed quickly for specialty partners or channels.

Your customers will be thrilled with how easy you make it to pay one or pay many, anytime, anywhere in the world.  

End-user Apps