Disburser Tools

Payall’s powerful and innovative self-service Disburser Tools with end-user apps enable Originating Institutions to simplify and modernize the cross-border payment experience for individuals and businesses sending and receiving funds.

Our white-label apps—branded for you—are a low-tech, turnkey option to get your financial institution live in almost no time. Apps can be configured easily and deployed quickly for specialty partners or channels.

Your customers will be thrilled with how easy you make it to pay one or pay many, anytime, anywhere in the world.  

End User Apps Cover

Sender Apps Simplify Paying One or Many

Whether your business disbursers make one cross-border payment a month or hundreds, they’ll appreciate the ease and convenience of your branded disburser app.

No more entering information for international wire transfers one by one into an unfriendly financial instituiton website. With Payall, your customers have the option to fully automate using APIs, uploading an Excel file or using your user-friendly branded app to pay anyone, anywhere, anytime just by entering their name along with an email address or mobile number. 

And, disbursers can select the payout option of their choice, depending on where they’re sending funds and recipients’ preferences. At their option, disbursers can even send payment in the local currency to a digital account issued by a Payall partner institution and allow the recipient to decide how to receive the funds.

Disbursers can choose the form factor to deliver recipients’ funds, or they can allow recipients to decide:
Bank Accounts
Mobile Money
Digital Accounts
Prepaid Debit Cards
White-Label Accounts
Cash Pickups
OCT to Cards

Individual Person-to-Person Transfers & Remittances That Are Intuitive and Self-Service

Your branded app makes it easy for even first-time senders to speed funds to friends and family abroad.

There’s no learning curve for individuals using your branded app to send P2P payments or remittances anywhere in the world. We’ve gone over and above industry best practices to create an app that’s simple, intuitive and completely self-service.

And, like business disbursers, your retail customers can designate how they’d like to send funds—to a bank account or other options that serve recipients who either prefer not to engage with a financial institution or aren’t able to participate in mainstream financial services.

You can even support automated receipt confirmation, so senders know when friends and relatives can access their money—a great comfort to them and a significant convenience for you because of reduced customer inquiries. 

Simplify Paying

Recipient App Engages with Users to Simplify Data Capture for KYT & KYC

When Originating Institutions need to communicate with senders, our recipient app is the safe and simple solution.

Although Originating Institutions typically don’t engage with recipients, more and more regulators are requiring Originating Institutions to execute Know Your Customer on recipients for risk mitigation—even when funds are directed to recipients’ bank accounts.

Rather than requiring senders to supply their personal identifiable information (with the security risk that entails), Originating Institutions can use their custom-branded Payall recipient app to securely collect this information. 

In other situations, the Payall recipient app can serve as a tool to dynamically collect data, documents and other artifacts as part of the disburser/recipient KYC process, enabling compliance with regulations, risk protocols and other operating procedures. 

Engage With Users