Originating Institutions

Safe, Efficient, Hassle-Free Cross-Border Payments for Your Financial Institution and Customers

Leave the complexities of international payment origination behind with Payall as your trusted technology and processing partner.

Whether you’re new to cross-border payments, have previously exited or are feeling pressured to automate internal operations to cut costs and errors, Payall delivers the flexible enterprise infrastructure to make international money transfers safe, efficient and hassle free. 

Expand your market, customer satisfaction and revenue-generating opportunities with Payall.

Originating Institutions Cover

If you’ve lost access to the U.S. or EU market because your bank has been “derisked” from offering cross-border payments, click here — fast


Streamline Compliance and Risk Management with Dynamic Decisioning and Digital Documentation

End-to-End Compliance Automation

Dynamic, rules-based decisioning systemically executes your custom compliance, risk management and standard operating procedures for end-to-end process automation.

KYT Executed Pre Transaction

XB Precision KYT™ applies your risk rules to every transaction before execution, so you can decline payments that don’t meet your own unique requirements.

100% ‘See-Through’ Transparency

Data and documents are collected digitally for instant retrieval and a permanent, comprehensive “see-through” audit record.

Easy Integration with Any System

Our platform is backward compatible, so you can go live quickly with our lightweight technical integration that's external to your core.

Modernize Cross-Border Payments with Payall

Break free of the antiquated status quo and become an Originating Institution for the 21st century. 


Eliminate the cost and hassle of establishing correspondent bank relationships worldwide and tying up precious capital in nostro vostro accounts.


Remove the risk of collecting, storing and entering sensitive personal identification information or bank details into your website.


Validate personal identities in 195+ countries.


Win back business from fintechs or develop a market niche to power fintechs. 


Enable payers, such as marketplaces, to charge recipients a fee, as appropriate.


Simplify your integration with Mastercard Cross-Border Services.

Delight your customers with better-than-fintech features

These features are available only through Payall.

Flexible Payout Options for Maximum Inclusivity

Your customers and their payout recipients can choose payment options best suited for their needs: 

  • Bank Transfers 

  • Mobile Money

  • Digital Accounts  

  • Cash Pickup

  • OCT to Cards

  • Prepaid Debit Cards

  • White-Label Accounts

Fast Payment Delivery

Payall processes payments in milliseconds, so your customers’ recipients get their money fast.* And every payment is proactively confirmed to recipients, saving you time and the cost of customer service inquiries.

*Actual time for receipt of funds is dependent on other parties participating in the transaction.

Bank Details Optional

Your customers can make cross-border payments using recipients’ bank details, or their name along with their email address and mobile number. 

Paying One Recipient or Many Is Fast and Easy

Your customers can make a single cross-border payment or pay hundreds or thousands of recipients quickly and easily. High-volume disbursers can initiate payments using Excel uploads or APIs.

Pay Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Your customers can reach businesses and individuals worldwide, including vulnerable people excluded from mainstream payments because they lack a bank account.

Recipients Avoid Foreign Wire Fees

The cross-border services you offer through Payall enable your customers’ recipients to avoid expensive foreign wire fees, which can significantly reduce payout amounts and place an unfair burden on small and micro businesses and those who live on the financial margin.