Payment Orchestration

Harmonize historically disjointed, inefficient manual functions with Payall’s reimagined payment orchestration, delivering never-before-available capabilities to consolidate previously separate operations and create new possibilities for recipients to receive and manage their money—far beyond bank accounts.

Payall Payment Orchestration streamlines your costly, fragmented cross-border operation by consolidating and automating your previously manual processes—enabling you to work efficiently, while slashing your in-house costs. 

And far from being a cookie cutter solution, Payall is flexible. We support your existing payments infrastructure (and we're backward compatible with all systems). Or, you can participate in all or some corridors, channels and options we offer, so your customers can serve even more recipients.

Payment Orchestration

XB Compliance Connector: Integrate to Compliance Providers of Your Choice

Stay with your current compliance provider or link to Payall’s provider network to maintain the safety and security of your operation.

Payall has preestablished integrations with leading third-party compliance providers worldwide, enabling you to seamlessly connect to their Know Your Customer ID verification, sanctions, screening and other services to protect the integrity of your business. 

Alternatively, XB Payall Compliance Connector can export your data into other systems you designate, including third parties or your own compliance or core/digital bank platforms.

Compliance Connector

XB Universal Payment Account: Powerful Utility Offering Enhanced Tech and Product Options

Contribute to the social good and support global economic development by empowering recipients worldwide who are currently excluded from mainstream banking with a digital, mobile-first bank account for jurisdictions where access and availability are limited.

XB UPA is an ultra-flexible, external “core account” for disbursers and recipients.

The double-entry account structure—as well as the parent-child and child-like cascading possibilities—are valuable features that support the needs of ringfenced accounts as defined by PSD3 and offered by EU Central Banks, isolating and protecting funds from ineligible disbursement, as well as protecting funds received by recipients.

And, combined with XB Secure Funding (see below) and Compliance & Risk Automation products, Central Banks can efficiently and safely offer ringfenced or master account-like services ideal for electronic money institutions (EMIs), payment institutions (PIs) and others.

XB UPA applications and use cases vary (and possibilities are limitless): from a designated account for mass, high-volume payers to pre-fund to a “recipient account” to safely hold and manage payees’ money as they choose how to receive their payouts. 

Universal Payment Account

XB Secure Funding: No Payments without Confirmed Funds

Ensure funds availability, funds movement and funding protocols are executed to protect the Originating Institution, Clearing Institution, Payment Channel and Central Bank.

Payall’s platform is configurable to ensure neither Originating Institutions nor disbursers can authorize cross-border payments before sufficient account balances are validated—helping you avoid labor-intensive recovery efforts and losses when accounts are depleted. 

Our platform also can be configured to facilitate funds movement from one account to another. 

Protecting the safety and soundness of our partners and the global payments ecosystem is core to Payall.

Here’s how we secure funds:

  • Reflect disbursers’ funds in an XB UPA provided by the Originating Institution or other partner.

  • Verify in real time, funds availability in the disburser’s account at the Originating Institution.

  • Confirm funds availability in external accounts to which we link.

Secure Funding

XB Foreign Exchange and Global Liquidity: Move Beyond Central Bank Capabilities

Achieve super-efficient FX and global liquidity from our connections to diverse currency traders.

Payall enables Originating Institutions, Clearing Institutions and Payment Channels to support any foreign currency trading and liquidity option.

Through our network of foreign currency trading platforms and liquidity providers—some with deep specialties in particular currencies and corridors—you can achieve super-efficient FX and global liquidity without the hassle of nostro vostro accounts and tying up precious capital. 

We also support companies, such as global payments networks, that extend their core competencies in foreign currency trading and liquidity provisioning to financial institutions as alternatives to nostro vostro accounts and classic correspondent banking models. 

We’re firm believers in the role of central banks. But, we also recognize that innovations in FX and global liquidity have displaced the need for central bank coordination of currency reserves. This quantum change in the global landscape is the driving force that compelled us to introduce new and better FX options for financial institutions, their customers and the global economy. 

Foreign Exchange And Global Liquidity

XB Last-Mile Switching & Delivery: Powering New Paradigms and Maintaining Key Cross-Border Payment Relationships

Keep the existing global correspondent bank relationships that work for you (even maintain your SWIFT membership if you wish), while embracing the opportunities offered by Payall’s integration with numerous payment channels, including Mastercard Cross-Border Services.

Our capabilities complement and enhance the way you do business today.

Through our integrations to last-mile providers—such as global and domestic payment networks, mobile network operators and other "last-mile" deliverers of funds—your customers can get money to recipients in the ways that best meet their needs.

Our payout options embrace recipients’ lifestyles, preferences and, in some situations, the difficult and constraining banking and economic challenges they face. 

Bank Accounts
Mobile Money
Digital Accounts
Prepaid Debit Cards
White-Label Accounts
Cash Pickups
OCT to Cards
Last Mile Connectivity

XB Transaction Monitoring: Custom Configure All the Elements You Need to Measure for Review & Analysis

Supercharge your success with automated transaction monitoring that aggregates your platform metrics, enabling you to monitor, measure and analyze your performance.

Payall records and logs every data element of every cross-border payment your customers make, including date and time, transaction frequency, currencies, corridors, time between transactions and more.  

Use this data to compile reports that keep you on top of your cross-border activity, highlighting new areas of opportunity and where to finetune your operation.

XB Transaction Monitoring even enables you to trigger notices to your customers, highlight transactions for further investigation and freeze transactions and accounts. 

Transaction Monitoring

XB Smart Payment Routing: Establish Payment Rules for Automated Routing Priority

Make certain payments are routed automatically according to your preferences—every time.

Where multiple options exist to route your payments, Payall automatically handles them based on the custom rules you establish to reflect your priority for attributes (such as speed, payment type or payout option) or your preferred rails (such as a domestic payment network).

And, even before we apply your rules, we automatically analyze payments to identify the options available to deliver funds to recipients.

Both Originating Institutions and Clearing Institutions may establish XB Smart Payment Routing rules, and both sets of rules are executed concurrently. 

Smart Payment Routing

XB ID Tokenization: Ensure Absolute Identity Integrity with Cryptography and Biometrics

Protect sensitive data by ensuring only your customers and those they authorize can access the system.

Leading with safety-first, Payall is committed to preventing unauthorized access and account takeover, ensuring customer funds are protected from electronic thievery. 

XB ID Tokenization uses cryptography and biometrics to augment or replace two-factor authentication to ensure absolute identification integrity of users. It also ensures only authorized persons may access the system.

Adding XB ID Tokenization bolsters the customer protections you provide—even inside the safety of single sign-on for white-label apps. 

Id Tokenization

XB Global Directory Service: Pay by Name, Email and Mobile Number

Enable your customers to pay individuals anywhere, anytime with the recipient's name, email and mobile number—no other personal or bank details needed.

Our proprietary XB Global Directory Service leverages open banking protocols, connectivity to core and digital banking systems and other proprietary techniques. 

Disbursers or senders aren’t required to know, collect, handle or store sensitive financial or personal information because payments can be initiated with only a recipient’s name, along with an email address or mobile number.

Alternatively, we can collect bank and personal details directly, so senders avoid the hassle and liability of collecting and handling sensitive information. 

Global Directory Service