Payment Channels

XB Last-Mile Switching and Delivery for Safe, New Sources of Account Funding

Improve and differentiate your services and drive revenue by enabling your customers to receive funds directly from friends, family and businesses vetted by financial institutions globally.

In addition to adding a valuable new capability for customers and increasing revenue, Payall—as an independent technology platform—helps ensure the safety and soundness of your system by applying your specific rules and requirements to payments before they reach you—along with the rules and requirements of other parties to the transaction, such as the Originating and Clearing Institutions. 

Your customers will be delighted with your capabilities as a full-service provider of cross-border services with user-friendly features not available from others, including automatic confirmations when funds are disbursed to an account.

Payall connects last-mile payment channels with the cross-border ecosystem for a 21st century solution that meets customers where they are—embracing their lifestyles, preferences and, in some situations, the difficult and constraining banking and economic challenges they face.

Payment Channels Cover

As a Payment Channel operating in any of these lines of business, partnering with Payall supports stickier relationships by solving customers' international money transfer challenges in ways others can't—while also driving new revenue.

Global Payment Networks
Domestic Payment Networks
Agent Networks for Cash Distribution
Mobile Network Operators
Consumer Bank Account Issuers
Digital Bank Providers
Domestic Debit Card Operators
Any “Last-Mile” Deliverer of Funds

Payall Brings Cross-Border Payments into the 21st Century

Historically, only a small percentage of the world’s financial institutions have had the ability to support cross-border payments. And, those that do typically have had to limit payouts to traditional bank accounts. This limitation excludes millions worldwide from receiving international money transfers—forcing, in many cases, economically vulnerable individuals to rely on expensive and/or unsafe alternatives, such as traditional remittance companies, money mules or others that operate largely outside regulated financial services. Payall brings cross-border payments into the 21st century by connecting last-mile payment channels that embrace the lifestyle, preferences and, in some situations, the difficult and constraining banking and economic challenges recipients face.


Grow Your Business with Payall

Expand the volume flow through your channel—without risk, capital expenditures or a complicated integration.

Working with Payall, your channel becomes a powerful new way for recipients to receive funds transferred from individuals or businesses anywhere in the world through Originating Institutions around the globe.

In just weeks, our low-tech integration process can enable you to leverage the value of your last-mile delivery capabilities for improved unit economics and greater profit potential. 


  • Stimulate loyalty, reduce churn from existing customers

  • Capture new sources of account funding

  • Generate more transaction volume 

  • Attract new customers

  • Handle only safe, fully screened cross-border transactions 

  • Enhance customer experience

  • Expand cross-border payments capabilities

  • Automate rules and requirements screening

Grow Your Business

Maintain the Integrity of Your Operation

Feel completely comfortable opening your channel to new sources of account funding because every transaction is thoroughly screened.

All funds flowing to you from Payall originate from a regulated financial services entity. And, before you receive funds for last-mile disbursement:

  • All transactions are screened against your custom rules and requirements, so you can feel secure opening your platform to additional sources of funds.

    • On your behalf, Payall executes all the screening criteria you establish to qualify a transaction to flow through your payment channel.

  • Due diligence by a regulated financial services entity is performed on all senders to verify their identity and source of funds.

    • You never need to worry about the identity of senders or the source of the funds you deliver to your customers because a regulated financial services entity has completed sender due diligence to satisfy its requirements. To protect you, this due diligence is executed pre-transaction as part of our XB Precision KYT™ process. And, you have full access to the due diligence results.

Maintain The Integrity

Determine the Most Viable Corridors for Cross-Border Payments

Focus on the cross-border payment corridors that offer the greatest potential.

In business, focus is essential to success. And when it comes to cross-border payments, you may not need or want to receive funds from all corridors.

But which cross-border payment corridors should you focus on to increase volume flow?

Payall can work with you proactively to evaluate the business and consumer demand from corridors outside your locale to determine those with the greatest viability for your channel. 

Determine Corridors