Leading payments and banktech companies join forces to offer seamless cross-border payments.

Payall Payment Systems integrates with Transcard to enable a key component part of its Cross-Border processing engine for banks. This relationship is strategic in that Payall’s US payment capabilities are foundational to the initial product launch and are required to enable foreign banks to make payments in the US.

Transcard was selected because of the following reasons:

  • Best-in-Class business payments integrated with 200 +/- US financial institutions. Proprietary and value-added capabilities, such as work-flow automation accessible for Payall to complement its product vision

  • Multi-rail payment capabilities including regular and same-day ACH, Mastercard Send and later RTP that provide Payall with valuable product flexibility

  • Prepaid card issuing processing for specialized B2B and B2C payment needs

Bottom-line, Transcard enables Payall to execute its vision and build differentiated capabilities around an extensive API-library for US payments.

Gary Palmer, CEO of Payall remarked, “we’re delighted to work with the Transcard team and have found a like-minded partner passionate about solving problems with proprietary software and fresh thinking including a shared vision to elevate safety and compliance.

Payall identified the difficulty facing non-US banks to make payments in the US as a result of system deficiencies in classic correspondent banking. The combination of Payall’s enhanced KYC engine including proprietary software for source of funds and economic legitimacy of payments and the services from Transcard enables the company to safely and completely support this profile of non-US financial institutions. Moreover, US financial institutions and their business payers that require specialized SMS/email messaging services, novel data collection to reduce business payer and bank risks, as well as unique payer APIs, enable Payall to support complex domestic payments as well.

About Payall

Founded in 2018 and based in Miami Beach, Florida, Payall is the world’s first bank processor for cross-border payments. Combining the disciplines of payment processing, banktech and regtech, Payall’s unique technology powers a new paradigm for global correspondent banking-as-a-service. By partnering with Payall, regulated financial institutions around the world can quickly, securely and seamlessly implement and execute cross-border payments—enabling market-specific opportunities for financial institutions to compete with or drive fintech solutions