Payall Payment Systems recognized as one of the Top 10 Payment and Card Solution Companies by Banking CIO Outlook.

Banking CIO Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Payment and Card Solution Providers in Europe to guide organizations in harnessing the power of technology to tackle common challenges and reduce workload, increase efficiencies, and go a step above the competition by leveraging the latest innovations.”, is written in the announcement.

“Payall provides businesses individual market-ready capabilities that they can use to send payments that fit their style; capabilities currently offered include Instant Payments and Prepaid Cards. By connecting with trusted global partners ad Regulated Entities, Payall harmonizes payment capabilities across the world, offering faster and more secure payments to meet the modern generation of workers and business at a fraction of the cost of current methods.", states the mention.

A special profile on the company, paired with an interview with Founder, President and CEO Gary Palmer accompanies the accolade.

"What we offer is a revolutionary value proposition that gives banks a turnkey Cross-Border Payment product that exceeds expectations of modern-day users without disturbing the bank's core.", states Palmer. He continues explaining that Payall's solution empowers banks to compete and win against FinTech companies for Cross-Border B2B and B2C payments, "We help banks enable their customers make payments internationally better, easier, faster, cheaper, and more securely."

He continues by sharing how the company plans on expanding into the global market and bring its vision of a brighter future for payments and transactions - "We're educating banks and businesses about our instant, safe and fully compliant alternative as well as integrating new channels of payment options recipients prefer."

This selection is a testament to the company's mission of becoming the first Cross-Border Bank Processor and fixing the current correspondent banking model through SiGMAPP (Single Shared Global Multicurrency Assets and Payments Platform). Our “New Rails” banks can easily connect to, without any change to their core, paired with Compliance Break-Through Technology and Unmatched Recipient Choices result in safe, 24/7 instant cross-border payments, at 90% lower cost and 100% recipient satisfaction.

Check out the whole profile, and a sample use case on how we helped organizations modernize their payments process in Banking CIO Outlook’s interview with our CEO, Gary Palmer here.