MIAMI BEACH (October 17, 2022) – Filip Berlikowski has joined Payall as chief technology officer, announced Gary Palmer, founder and CEO of the first-ever provider of purpose-built infrastructure enabling financial institutions to offer safe, efficient cross-border payments. “I’m thrilled such a distinguished technologist with extensive experience in highly regulated industries and scale data processing has embraced our mission to overcome the intractable complexities of cross-border payments and international money transfers, so banks can provide safe, fast and inclusive product to their clients,” said Gary.

He added: “In addition to his world-class technical skills, Filip adds IT leadership depth to Payall. He’s a people-first person who believes that strong work relationships and a positive culture are the basis for cohesive teams that deliver the best results for clients.”

“Joining Payall is an incredible opportunity to drive the long overdue transformation of international payments,” Filip commented. “As a technologist, I’ve witnessed firsthand how the current antiquated systems for international money movement are detrimental to global trade and finance, and specifically to businesses and individuals. I’m proud to support Gary in his vision to reimagine cross-border payments, making them affordable and hassle-free for financial institutions and their customers.”

Because his native Poland was a late entrant into global banking and leapfrogged the legacy infrastructure that plagues today’s cross-border payments, Filip said he imagined that the barriers that banks, businesses and individuals face in sending and receiving money internationally had already been overcome. “The challenges of payments are unique, but tech is a versatile tool we can apply to any challenges in this area, including automated compliance; third-party integrations; secure, audit-ready recordkeeping; and, of course, moving money across jurisdictions with differing legal and regulatory frameworks.”

Up to 5% of global GDP, or $2 trillion annually, is illegally laundered,1 enabled by a correspondent banking model that is fundamentally defective and not fit for purpose. Its end-to-end processes are largely manual and disjointed, making the status quo slow, costly and error prone. The result? The nearly $150 trillion cross-border payments market,2 essential to power global and local economies, is categorized as high risk and—except for the largest banks—financial institutions are forced to exit or are de-risked. Payall addresses these issues with automated solutions and processes that bring transparency, speed and cost-effectiveness to cross-border payments.

Filip’s #1 goal is unleashing Payall’s tech talent to deliver products needed by financial institutions globally to reenergize their participation in cross-border payments. “It’s the people and connections that motivate me,” he said. “The bonds we’re forming at Payall will foster long-lasting relationships that contribute to building the business and driving our clients’ success with solutions that not only benefit people but possibly even change their lives.“

The most important thing about our tech journey at Payall will be keeping an open mind, understanding that the only constants are change and delivering the products that will enable our clients to achieve success,” he added.

Prior to joining Payall, Filip was CTO of Genesis Global Limited, a Malta-based gaming company where he led development of a proprietary platform responsible for the company’s core operations, including payment processing, compliance, AML and KYC, and capable of processing high volumes of transactions. A self-confessed startup “addict,” he co-founded a pioneering photo printing service while earning a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Lodz in Poland.