Traditionally, the journey of international payments has been fraught with challenges - slow transactions, high costs, and a lack of transparency. However, in this webinar Gary Palmer explains how Payall Payment Systems, Inc., a category defining banking infrastructure provider, is set to drive the industry towards a future marked by innovation, safety, inclusivity, and endless market potential. 

As the status quo for the cross-border payments infrastructure evolves, the customer experience also needs to be factored in. From a customer perspective, the cross-border payment process was historically slow, expensive, and opaque. Now advances in legislation, data sharing, and automation have smoothed the way, but there is still uncertainty around risk, coverage and cost. What are the changing end-user expectations for how payments are made and received, in contrast to domestic payments? And where could we expect to be within the next 5, 10 years? 

Watch this webinar for a frank discussion and clear insights into: 

  • How safe and secure are funds and data in the new paradigm? What are the risk factors? 

  • What is the opportunity to grow financially inclusive options, including for the unbanked? E.g., mobile money and cash pick up? 

  • How big is the market opportunity for financial institutions to start offering cross-border payments and solutions? What are the potential costs? 


Gary Palmer, Founder, Chairman and CEO at Payall Payment Systems, Inc.

Nuala Jackson, Director of Payments at UK Finance 

Mark Corritori, VP of Product Management Cross-Border Services at Mastercard

Noyan Nihat, COO at Privat 3 Money 

the moderator: Matt Williamson, SVP & Industry Principal at Endava