First-Ever Global Banking Infrastructure for Cross-Border Payments

Payall has pioneered the creation of purpose-built banking infrastructure that eliminates 100% of the pain points across the entire cross-border payment ecosystem. From financial institutions that originate and those that clear or serve as classic correspondent banks, to central banks and diverse last-mile payment channels, Payall’s software automates risk, compliance and operating tasks and orchestrates complex, multicurrency payments.

Now, any financial institution, regardless of size or where it operates, can offer customers fast, safe global transfer capabilities—without the costs and hassles of the classic correspondent banking construct. And, correspondent banks that support foreign financial institutions can manage their business partners with transparency, automation and efficiency never before possible.

Plus, central banks and regulated entities that provide financial services—such as mobile money operators, digital accounts and cash-out networks—can be “connected” to financial institutions globally to serve as "last-mile" delivery partners to ensure absolute inclusivity, so recipients can receive and manage their money as they need and desire. 

Reimagine cross-border payments with Payall.

Calling all financial institutions that want to offer cross-border payments!

Ready to escape the trap of difficult and inflexible correspondent banks—with high fees and slow service—that force you to fund cash-guzzling nostro vostro accounts?

Or, perhaps you were a victim of “derisking” or thought direct participation in cross-border payments was out of reach.

Discover what you can do with Payall. We make it possible (and really easy) to offer international money transfers.


Breakthrough Compliance

Data and documents are collected digitally for instant retrieval and a permanent, comprehensive “see-through” audit record.


End-to-End Process Automation

Automate data and document collection and apply risk rules, standard operating procedures and compliance requirements.


Cross-Border Payments Made Safer Than Domestic

Keep your financial institution, customers and partners safe with our breakthrough automated compliance and transformative approach to Know Your Customer, Know Your Transaction and Know Your Customers' Customers.

Backward Compatible

Backward Compatible

Reduce red tape and get live fast: Our lightweight technical integration is designed specifically to be backward compatible with any system.

Cross Border as Service

Cross-Border Payments as a Service

Payall introduces a new paradigm: Now any financial institution can offer cross-border payments.


Pay Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Embrace true inclusivity: Payall empowers you to pay anyone, anywhere, anytime—breaking barriers and fostering seamless financial interactions across the globe.

Estimated global cross-border payments (2022):

$156 Trillion

Cross-border payments market that could be taken from financial institutions:


Peer-to-peer payments already lost by financial institutions:


Financial institution revenue considered “at risk”
by 2025:

$280 Billion

Banks whose outdated technology can’t meet AML compliance requirements:


Estimated AML software value by 2025:

$2.1 Billion

Our new payment paradigm removes the risks, inefficiencies and costs from cross-border payments.

No Personal Needed

No personal or bank details needed

Support payments using the classic method of entering a recipient’s bank details. Or, use a secure directory that requires only the recipient’s name along with an email address and mobile number—no additional personal or bank details needed.

Pay Many

Pay Many

Enable high-volume customers to make mass payments—to hundreds or even thousands of recipients—quickly and easily using a business-friendly API or simple Excel upload.

Why Payall?

Operate at the Heart of Cross-Border Payments

Maybe you’ve exited cross-border payments or thought they’re too complex—driving profitable customers to competitors, money services businesses and even fintech startups. But you can change this. With Payall, cross-border payments are easy and safe. You stay in total control, while generating sustainable new revenue and serving your customers—without any heavy lifting, compliance headaches or big startup expenses.

Why Payall?

Cross-Border Payments for the Win

Our new approach to cross-border payment automation—enabling apps and payment orchestration—transforms current correspondent banking constructs and powers new international money transfer paradigms, so you have more choices and opportunities to serve your customers and explore new revenue-generating opportunities.

Why Payall?
Certified Mastercard

Unprecedented Global Payout Options with a Single Connection

We connect Originating Institutions—along with Central Banks—to the global reach of Mastercard Cross-Border Services and other payment channels, via our lightweight technical integration. By abstracting third-parties’ technical requirements and operating rules into our powerful but simple APIs, we complement their services and give you a single point of access to reach the world.

Why Payall?

Fintech-Caliber Cross-Border Payments—Now from Financial Institutions

Combine fintech-caliber capabilities backed by the safety and stability of the financial services ecosystem for user-friendly cross-border payment options that delight your customers. Reduce cross-border payment risk and save time and effort as your customers use Payall’s proprietary tools—branded for you—to simplify payment execution. Even turn fintechs into your customers!

Zero-in on what’s important.

Zero In Background

New product capabilities your customers will love.

Lower the price to your customers while increasing your profitability.

Know Your Transaction Executed in Real Time—When It Matters 

Whether you’re acting as an Originating or Clearing Institution, Payment Channel or Central Bank, your compliance and risk rules are systemically executed prior to payment processing—preventing undesirable or questionable transactions, radically reducing labor costs, eliminating human error and providing your customers with an exceptional user experience.

Our innovative pre-transaction XB Precision KYT is a game-changing breakthrough that replaces post-transaction audits with pre-transaction smart decisioning, ensuring the integrity of each transaction and delivering communal transparency that protects you and your customers.

  • Sanctions Checks

  • Reasons for Payment

  • Bills of Lading

  • Customs Declarations

  • Invoices

  • Types of Payment

  • Sources of Funds

  • Prohibited Industry Screens

  • Proprietary Artifacts

Real Time Transactions

Truly Inclusive: Pay Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Whether recipients are limited by cash-only lifestyles, simply prefer cash or operate in the modern world of mobile money and alternative digital accounts, our last-mile switching and delivery capabilities mean you can deliver cross-border payments safely, efficiently and conveniently to anyone, anywhere, anytime—even unbanked individuals.