Banking Industry Veteran Adds Product & Strategy Depth to Payall

MIAMI (November 15) – CEO Gary Palmer announced today that Brandon O’Connor has joined Payall—the first-ever provider of purpose-built infrastructure enabling financial institutions to offer safe, efficient cross-border payments—as senior vice president for product and strategy.

“Brandon has hit the ground running to accelerate Payall’s product development vision and enhance our product roadmap,” said Gary. “He combines a banker’s innate understanding of the importance of regulation with extensive experience integrating fintechs with banks to power new capabilities.”

Immediately prior to joining Payall, Brandon was analytics and strategy manager at Cleveland-based KeyBank. His eight-year banking career included a stint as vice president of fintech payments strategy, where he examined the financials and strategies of potential fintech partners—launching his interest in fintech.

“I believe in the regulated financial system and the value it contributes to society, and I’m a globalist,” Brandon asserted. “Payall is dedicated to empowering banks and other regulated financial institutions by leveraging and connecting their existing systems to our first-ever infrastructure to enable cross-border payments that are safe, fast, easy and cost-effective for the business and individuals they serve.

“With Payall, any financial institution of any size, operating anywhere in the world can offer its clients and customers international money transfers, many of which settle in seconds. Plus, recipients can choose to be paid in the last-mile form factor that works best for them. And, all this happens in compliance with applicable laws and regulations,” he added. “This is why I’m excited to be part of Payall’s transformation of cross-border payments.”

Brandon noted that the number of correspondent banks, which traditionally have enabled cross-border payments, has decreased in past decades, largely due to the cost and complexity of compliance and the pressure from regulators to derisk their balance sheets. He said Payall is the safety-first, external-to-the-core tech solution that puts financial institutions back at the center of cross-border payments with proprietary software and processes that automate compliance and operating procedures and promote transparency to mitigate risk and eliminate myriad issues caused by manual processes.

“Brandon’s work supports Payall in prioritizing and implementing breakthrough capabilities that deliver the greatest value proposition to our partners in the shortest time possible,” Gary concluded. “He’s an outstanding addition to our talented leadership team, and we look forward to his many contributions to our clients’ success.”

While at KeyBank, Brandon was also chief operating officer of The IT Bootcamp, a 12-week online program to prepare candidates from varied backgrounds with the soft skills and management insights to take on roles in software development. As COO, he steered the strategic direction of the company and led its first funding round.

Brandon is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where he received a bachelor’s degree in business administration, focusing on finance and business economics. He is based in the Washington, D.C. area.

About Payall

Founded in 2018 and based in Miami Beach, Florida, Payall is the first-ever provider of purpose-built infrastructure enabling banks and other regulated financial institutions worldwide to offer fast, transparent, inclusive, cost-effective cross-border payments and international money transfers that support the safety and soundness of the global financial system. Our end-to-end capabilities mitigate risk associated with the cross-border payment status quo, automate compliance for any jurisdiction and provide inclusive payment orchestration, so senders and recipients—ranging from financially savvy to unbanked individuals—can choose the payment type that best meets their needs. Employing edge computing concepts, our novel infrastructure supports cross-border payment processing that’s external to bank systems and their domestic payment networks, enabling fast, no-tech integrations that are compliant and secure, replacing unverified trust among parties with verifiable documents and data. By partnering with Payall, regulated financial institutions can quickly, securely and seamlessly implement and execute cross-border payments—enabling market-specific opportunities for financial institutions to compete with or drive fintech solutions. On September 15, 2022, Payall announced it had closed a $10 million funding round led byAndreessen Horowitz (a16z).