David Finn


David brings almost 30 years of financial management and investing experience to Payall—along with a keen eye for the next big thing.

He began as a junior trader at Louis Dreyfus Commodities following graduation from Boston College. Then, he honed his skills at McVean Trading and Investment, where he traded proprietary accounts and made trade recommendations.

For the next 20 years, David ran hedge funds with different risk profiles, using derivatives to take advantage of global financial market conditions and trends.

Currently, he’s chief investment officer and managing partner of the Finn Family Office, focusing on long-term, attractive risk-adjusted returns. The Finn Family Office has 50+ years of investment experience and a diverse portfolio, including hedge funds, real estate, commodities and startups.

David is president of his local library and chair of two nonprofit investment committees, where he’s lead creation of clear investment policies and specific asset allocations—leading both funds from fourth to first quadrant returns.

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