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Gary is committed to solving problems and adding value in ways others can't, won't or don't – by designing, building and operating specialized payment and data processing software used by banks, other financial institutions, and their customers. The foundation and vision for Payall leverages Gary’s more than 20-years of experience in bringing new, innovative banktech, regtech and FinTech capabilities to market.

At Payall, Gary is following a proven, industry changing playbook to help banks offer an entirely new way to make cross-border payments, that first and foremost uniquely addresses what has been a very unsafe and opaque transaction system. Payall makes cross-border payments safer than domestic payments. Also, embracing demanding user expectations, payments are real-time, 24 x7 across “new rails” as part of the first-ever cross-border processing platform for banks. And finally, Payall goes beyond the needs of individual and business recipients for access and control over their money, enabling saving and transaction options never before offered. Payall uniquely serves the unbanked as well as the most financial savvy recipients. The status quo falls short in terms of speed, safety and control.

In 1997, Gary co-founded WildCard Systems, the earliest pioneer in defining a new bank product - prepaid cards. The company built the first-ever issuing processing platform specifically for banks to issue Visa, MasterCard, Discover and China Union Pay (now Union Pay International) branded prepaid cards. Moreover, WildCard built enabling applications including integrated KYB and KYC, specialized funding tools, fraud and risk management systems and a host of first-ever support applications (ex. self-selected, instantly changed PINs at card activation through a secure IVR versus PIN-mailers) that embraced the complex nuances of three distinct vertical or funding channels as well as product feature needs – consumer, corporate and government. And Gary was an early visionary in recognizing the need to harness the Internet and open APIs to enable B2B applications. He recognized that unlike debit and credit cards where banks solely drove distribution and core support functions, prepaid cards would be used by businesses, governments and consumer channels so WildCard’s technology needed to be accessed by those driving these vertical markets in order to imbed tools in their native applications to initiate card issuing, assignment, loading, etc.

WildCard Systems emerged as the global leader in providing services to top-tier financial institutions and non-banks around the world. The company was acquired by eFunds in July 2005 for USD $262 million.

At eFunds, Gary served as Executive Vice President of Global Strategic Business Development and was part of the executive team that sold eFunds to Fidelity National Information Services (NYSE: FIS) in September 2007 for $1.8 billion USD. Gary worked as a part-time advisor at FIS through 2009.

Since 2009, Gary has been an active investor in and advisor to FinTech companies and related businesses including co-founding Adaptive Payments which MasterCard acquired in 2015. He was also a co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Wavecrest Holdings (Gibraltar), which he exited in 2012. And in 2016, he made a large investment in and became Chairman of TECS, a global payment processing leader based in Vienna, Austria.

Additionally, he's a former director of the Electronic Funds Transfer Association, founding director and former Chairman as well as President of the National Branded Prepaid Card Association; and Gary served as a director at the Center for Financial Services Innovation until his 10-year term limit expired in 2015.

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