Payall supports regulated financial institutions to enter, re-enter or improve cross-border payments with 100% compliance.
Traditional Banks
Credit Unions
Correspondent Banks
Clearing Institutions
Originating Institutions
Electronic Money Institutions
Payment Institutions
Non-Depository Trust Companies
Money Service Providers/Businesses
Other Regulated Entities Authorized to process Payments or Funds Transfers
Payment Processors

Provide your clients a better than fintech product, or safely power fintech. Either way, you win in cross-border.

Gary Palmer, CEO of Payall

Payall—with a laser focus on international funds transfer compliance and process automation-delivers the turnkey technology and processes to eliminate the burdens of cross-border payments and positions you to deliver better-than-fintech service to businesses and consumers that need to transfer money and make international payments.

The financial services landscape is more competitive than ever with fintech cherry picking your most profitable business. Moreover, addressing complex compliance requirements and risk mitigation for cross-border payments and international money transfers requires capabilities and constant adaptation.

We can help you do this with an easily affordable, turnkey, end-to-end product that won’t disrupt your tech stack, because Payall operates external to your core. Now banks can compete and win against fintechs.

How we fix
cross-border payments
White-label web services
  • Business payer, self-service onboarding.

  • Specialty payer KYC.

  • Payer tools to easily pay hundreds or thousands with an Excel template.

  • APIs for high-volume business payers to automate processes.

  • White-label messaging to digitally collect supplemental data and documents.

  • Configurable business payer rules and approvals to mitigate internal fraud risk.

Modernize cross-border payments and international money transfers with Payall
You and your customers can easily pay one recipient or thousands—even tens of thousands—with a simple API or Excel upload.
Help your customers avoid the risk of collecting, storing and entering sensitive personal identification information or bank details.
Eliminate the cost and hassle of correspondent banks and nostro vostro accounts.
Win back business from fintechs or develop a market niche to power fintechs.
Enable payers, such as marketplaces, to charge recipients a fee, as appropriate.
Amplify the value of your Mastercard membership through our integration with Mastercard’s Cross-Border platform.
Originating Institutions
Delight your customers with better-than-fintech experiences.

Payall offers originating institutions safe, compliant, efficient cross-border payments and international transfers—whether you’re new to this space, have previously exited or want to improve the compliance and efficiency of your international operations.


Delight your customers with features that only Payall clients can offer:

  • Flexible payout options, including bank transfers.
  • Mobile money and e-wallets.
  • In-person cash pick ups and loads to prepaid and debit cards.
Non-U.S. Financial Institutions
Overcome the correspondent bank dilemma.

If you’ve lost your correspondent bank, or even if you have an ongoing correspondent bank relationship, talk to us.

Even if you have solid correspondent bank relationships, working with Payall adds value to your cross-border payments and international money transfer operations with durable, redundant capabilities that provide flexible payout options for recipients and remove manual work from your back office or treasury functions.

Discover new valuable possibilities to improve your business.
Correspondent Banks and Clearing Institutions
Make international payments as safe and fast as domestic transfers.

If you have a portfolio of foreign bank clients, the Payall platform enables unprecedented automation of back-office and treasury processes. This includes never-before-offered compliance and risk mitigation capabilities that streamline audits and examinations, transforming your compliance posture, along with turnkey, end-to-end services for your foreign banks and their clients that deliver time and cost savings. And when it comes to last-mile payments, you’re in charge. Maintain your current processes or look to Payall to power additional services or options that benefit you and your clients.

The Payall platform delivers powerful, unique capabilities
never before offered for:

  • Classic correspondent banks with a few or many hundreds of foreign bank relationships.
  • Correspondent banks that have exited cross-border payments and international money transfers to de-risk their operations.
  • Correspondent banks and clearing institutions that want to build a high-margin, fee-based business by safely supporting foreign institutions or businesses.
Ready to transform your cross-border payments and make them safe, efficient and inclusive?

Let's fix cross-border payments

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