First ever bank processor for cross-border payments and international money transfers
Zero dependency on foreign institutions for KYC and AML

Unprecedented end-to-end compliance, risk mitigation and automated operating procedures that enable first-ever transparency to foreign payer KYC, sanctions checks, commercial activity documentation and novel artifacts to prevent illicit activity.

Global correspondent banking-

Participate in the massive global money movement opportunity with superior products and compliance confidence — regardless of your size or location and even if you’ve been shut out of traditional correspondent banking networks.

100% turnkey
100% compliant
100% user friendly
Truly inclusive —
pay anyone, anywhere

Break-through capabilities for a bank to deliver funds safely, efficiently and conveniently — so any recipient can receive money in the manner that suits their needs.

truly inclusive
Know Your Transaction executed in real-time
Sanction Checks
Customs Declaration
Source of Funds
Reason of Payment
Prohibited Industries
Bill of Lading
Type of Payment

Proprietary software executes new, enhanced rules as well as digitally collects data, documents and artifacts as required for all parties of the cross-border ecosystem before a payment is delivered with communal transparency that protects the integrity of the originating institution, the clearing institution and the payment channel.

Funds are received in seconds or minutes
not days

Money moves globally, securely at the speed of data.

First time-ever,
fintech capabilities
from a bank

The safety of a bank, with unprecedented easy-to-use product options that save time and effort, reduce risks and delight recipients. Proprietary tools that simplify and enhance cross-border payments and international funds transfers.

Excel template upload to pay thousands - fast and easy
Pay by email or mobile number - no personal or bank details needed
Flip payouts from a cost to source of revenue as well as drive
Funds can be paid into a digital account and recipients control how they receive their money
Funds can be directed to a bank account, prepaid card, mobile money or enable cash pick-up

Modern, valuable last-mile

Payment channels that recipients want

Bank customers can transfer funds to a bank account, a mobile money account, enable cash pickup or even issue a prepaid card to recipients through our bank partners. Or, your customers can transfer funds a bank-issued digital account - and recipients decide how to use or access their money to best meet their family or business needs.

+ and many more
No more nostro vostro accounts

A new, efficient paradigm that eliminates the hassles, costs and currency risks of maintaining nostro vostro accounts at correspondent banks in every country where you make cross-border payments.

nostro vostro

White-label platform-as-a-service

Get to market fast with turnkey digital services that reflect your custom branding, content, pricing and other options.

Your processes, but upgraded product

With our modular platform, it’s not all or nothing. Want to keep SWIFT or “on-us” channels? We support this.

Turnkey Mastercard cross-border services

Leverage our integration with Mastercard and suite of specialty applications to “complete” Mastercard Cross-Border Services and launch quickly and affordably.

Build-it-yourself APIs

Design, build and operate your cross-border product and access our services via APIs.

Let's fix cross-border payments

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