Silvia Cebanu

Finance Director

Silvia is the backbone of Payall's financial department, leading a group of highly skilled professionals, working on financial models, budgeting, and accounting. While managing and reporting on financial data, creating constant scenarios, metrics, and insights, Silvia is able to manage the company's financial risks.

It is the "behind the numbers" attitude that drives her to meet the company's objectives in the very dynamic FinTech landscape. Her team transforms some of the most complex financial models into simple, easy to understand and digest overviews to ensure client and partner happiness.

With 10 years of progressive experience in the finance sector including an exceptional background utilizing data from diverse financial and information systems, Silvia is a specialist in IFRS Standards and Feasibility Analysis.

Prior to joining the Payall team in 2018, Silvia worked for a leading Moldovan bank for 9 years, climbing the ladder as Chief Economist in the Financial Economic Department and eventually becoming Deputy Head of Monitoring Key Performance Indicators Division. She then held the position of CFO for Titan Holding Group where she worked directly with the CEO providing strategic recommendations and oversaw the preparation of all financial reporting.

At Payall, the fast pace of change in the financial sector makes Silvia and her team adapt efficient cost strategies depending on the company's product offering. Her punctual and determined work ethic provides crucial monitoring of the company's growth.

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