Manjusha Thumma

Vice President Technical Product Management

Manjusha Thumma is a high performing technical product management executive. With an impressive experience in payments. She always brings an intense focus on the areas where she can impact the effectiveness of the team she’s leading, setting a high bar of perfection and getting others to achieve that level.

Over the 15 years of working alongside Gary Palmer, she had worn many hats in the areas of technology, project management, and operations.

She was the Senior Manager at efunds Corporation, responsible for the success of transitioning American Express’ prepaid platform to efunds. The project spanned over three years, with over 360 thousand hours of work put in.

Manjusha built the platform and team of Adaptive Payments from the ground up and led the company to an asset purchase by Mastercard. Her CIO position involved solution delivery, product management, data center set up, and managing numerous PCI audits.

She led the operations at Wave Crest, as COO India, by establishing practices, policies, and procedures in the areas of Customer Services, AML, and Dispute Management.

Her invaluable experience with technologies and projects that paved out the way for Payall is certain to elevate the company even further.

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