A better than FinTech product from Banks

We power a unique cross-border payment product through an easy and safe alternative to correspondent banking that delights regulators, business payers and recipients.

“Better than FinTech” for B2B and B2C cross-border payments

Compete and Win

Enabling businesses to pay anyone, anywhere through a simple API from their local bank. Using our PCI-compliant, proprietary software external to your bank’s core, you can simplify how businesses make international payments and give those they pay never-before-offered, valuable options to manage and access their money.

Solving big problems for all parties

Our tech & business paradigm is very different
Compliance & Safety First

Business Payer

  • Up to 90% reduction in total fees & costs
  • BPO automation is possible. ACH, RTP, FedWire, SWIFT, SEPA, MC send, CHAPS, etc.
  • 1 API = Pay Anyone, Anywhere
  • We eliminate the risky, costly collection & handling of bank & personal details for recipients

Sending Bank

  • Innovative, new and better than FinTech product
  • External to core
  • 1 API = Pay Anyone, Anywhere or modern/easy web
  • Impossible to deliver our Last-Mile options
  • Corresponded bank problem is solved
  • Nostro-Vostro costs & hassles are eliminated

Receiving Bank

  • Risky-opaque source of funds and KYB risks are eliminated
  • Drive customer acquisition, deposits and fee income
  • Innovative, new & better than FinTech product
  • External to core
  • Leverages bank assets (card issuance, domestic transfers)


  • Payments are instant
  • Differentiated, valuable options - not just “bank transfers”
  • Many are free and others are up to 90% less

Payall cross-border payments

From days to seconds


1-2 min

Sending Bank

Enter recipient email, mobile & amount

5-10 sec

Receiver account created on ledger
Receiving bank matching

10-30 sec

Email and SMS sent to recipient


Receiving Bank

No action - not a part of the process - except to sponsor our tech and provide an omni-bus Account Holding Fiat

30-60 sec

Progressive KYC processed, receiving bank matching account created, ledger funded - email/SMS sent to recipient

can be instant

Chooses what to do with their money

30-120 min

Response to email & SMS to enter personal details

20 sec – 180 min

Funds received and accessed

Payall’s automated software

Payall = Fedwire + SWIFT + + +

single shared

Similar to Fedwire &
TARGET2 architecture

Banks globally have “Reserve” accounts in multiple currencies

Enhanced KYB & KYC

External Core-like
account ledgers for all

Specialized software
for payment routing,
fx, liquidity & more

Local, last-mile
payment options, globally

ACH, SEPA, prepaid processors,
CHAPS, cash disbursers,
alternative systems

Payments INSTANTLY reconcile and reflect on our platform, thus INSTANT PAYMENTS

LAST-MILE decisions are at the discretion (choice) of recipients and most are real-time

Unmatched choices for recipientsto get their payments from our Universal Payment Account

Last-Mile options

Save to ewallet or phone
Share with others
Get cash
Transact & Pay
Transfer to bank

We’ve reimagined correspondent banking with our global network of regulated entities and bank partners who are committed to delivering instant cross-border payments that give recipients unprecedented options to receive and manage their money and ensuring 100% payment transparency and communal sharing of KYB through our platform.

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